YTY Group's formation years were associated with corporate services when it forayed into secretarial services followed by Jatropha Curcas plantation consultancy and now trading. We offer effective business solutions to clients tailored to their particular industry and problems which are achieved through listening, consultation and extensive understanding of industry specific issues and trends. Today, the international market is changing very fast and going global. As the market is moving forward, our Group would have to look forward to stay ahead of market expectation and competitor's capability. We have to follow a standard which will be appreciated by our clients and much more superior then current standard. YTY Group’s of Companies are registered company, incorporated under the Malaysian Company's Act 1965 and established since 2002. The Group of Companies has grown to become a professional, diversified and international. Our Group assets are our people who are the team of professionals managing and meeting our clients’ needs. Our people dedicated lots of effort to ensure that YTY Group is diversified and multi disciplined to meet the ever changing global market needs. We believe that as long as our people excel….our clients will succeed in any industry they venture

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